If your home is your castle, then the bathroom is surely the inner sanctum! Whether you want a room of quiet reflection or a stylish, modern wet-room, Tile Design is the only place you need to visit.

So-often neglected and overlooked in the past, the last few decades have seen the humble bathroom change from a nondescript little room, out of sight and out of mind, into a gleaming statement of individuality and style every bit as integral to the look and feel of a home as any other room in the house.


Millions of Irish people have grown up spending a few precious minutes of solitude each day in a bathroom decked out exclusively in algal green, bland beige or, occasionally, a nondescript pastel shade of blue or pink. It’s no surprise, then, that having been overlooked for decades, the bathroom has recently come up in everyone’s estimation. It’s the last bastion of utter privacy in an increasingly intrusive world, so why shouldn’t you reap the benefits of modern design and technology in the so-called ‘smallest room in the house’?


Perhaps you want a bright, spacious, airy, minimalist feel for your bathroom or en suite, or maybe your tastes run more to the classical, with exposed stone and retro fittings? Or perhaps you want the best of both worlds, stating your individuality loud and clear? Or maybe you’re in the market for a compact, super-efficient extra facility as part of an extension or renovation? Could that space under the stairs be put to better use as a toilet, or as a shower room? What if your en suite were redesigned as a luxurious wet-room?



bathroom-6Tile Design’s experienced staff have seen and heard it all before and believe us, there’s no idea too big or too small or too adventurous when it comes to installing another bathroom in your house: not only does it give you another layer of choice and convenience, but it adds value too.

At Tile Design, we offer a stunning range of complete, integrated bathrooms; everything from toilets to basins to baths to showers to fittings and accessories. Sleek and shiny or understated and subtle, or anything in between; we’ve got you covered.


bathroom-7 Our selection of options really has to be seen to be believed, as does the technological progress which has made the modern bathroom a monument to efficiency, cleanliness, effective use of space (no matter how small or large), and ease of maintenance. From super-high-tech mirrors which respond to lighting conditions and condensation, to ultra-efficient cisterns, basins and shower units, and from exceptionally easy-to-clean, non-slip tiles to impermeable wood-effect porcelain which looks even better than the real thing, our Tramore Road showroom and our enormous warehouse are stocked with a vast array of choices.


bathroom-8We’re also proud to be able to help older or less physically abled customers to customise their bathrooms so they they exactly suit their needs – all you need do is ask any of our expert staff, who will go above and beyond to ensure that your requirements and your budget are catered for.

When it comes to bathrooms, our reputation is unparallelled. Our decades of experience upgrading and decorating bathrooms puts us in the perfect position to take advantage of the newest designs and technologies –including solar panels and geothermal heating


bathroom-9– while customising every aspect to suit your budget and your vision. You can check out some of the questions we encounter on a regular basis in our Bathrooms FAQ page here.