Your floor is the bedrock of your home. It needs to be all things to all people: sturdy, hard-wearing, easy to clean, cosy, welcoming, stylish, subtle and protective.

You may need a tough surface which will withstand the steady tramp of muddy boots and hard-soled shoes, or you might be on the lookout for a clean, smooth, minimalist floor which will steadily and reliably radiate the warm glow of your underfloor heating. You might need a floor which is completely waterproof but which looks and feels just like fine-grained wood.

Your floor may need to look its best day in, day out, even in the harsh glare of the summer sun or when it’s exposed to a frosty winter chill. At Tile Design, we can provide all of this and more.

All of the staff at Tile Design are experts in the strengths and weaknesses of the many, many options we offer, whether marble, stone, wood, porcelain or composite, and can give you frank, no-nonsense advice on how best to care for each of them no matter the conditions you’ll need them to withstand.

At Tile Design we stock a vast range of flooring options, including:

Laminate Flooring

Made from composite woods pressed together at high temperatures, laminate can be made to look like any wood. The uppermost layer, or ‘finish’, can look like walnut, oak, beech, rosewood, ash and more in any colour or shade you require, matt or gloss. Modern technology allows us to offer laminates which are all but indistinguishable from planks and beams hewn in one piece from a tree.

Laminates are less expensive than other types of floors and even though they look identical to normal wood they offer significantly improved durability. Easy to maintain and a cinch to clean, they’re ideal for high-traffic areas.

Semi-Solid Engineered Wood

Made with real wood and engineered to be easy to lay on any floor, Tile Design stocks semi-solids optimised for both domestic and commercial use. Semi-solids come in “click-in” format – panels which simply slot together – meaning they’re ideal for spaces of any size.

They’re typically available with matching skirting and Tile Design can even add profile features over and around doors or fireplaces for a personalised, tailored look.

Semi-solids are available in a huge range of woods and finishes, from rich walnut to warm cherry; rustic and rural oaks; gorgeous Canadian maple; venerable-looking lime-washed woods and more. We also stock woods with unusual patinas, making your floor a feature and a talking point in its own right