Tiles have been used for millennia to add practical and aesthetic elements to all sorts of spaces, both indoor and outdoor.

Ancient temples featured intricate tiled representations of gods and goddesses, heroes, monsters and mythic beasts, and kings and queens. The most sought-after designs and materials were often imported from hundreds or even thousands of miles away, even in antiquity, and they’re still an absolutely integral part of nearly any modern home.


Today, even after the passage of centuries, our criteria remain the same as those ancient architects in Greece, Rome, Byzantium and Egypt: above all else, we demand quality. Tile Design will only select the best tiling options for you to appreciate, and we’ll make sure that you only get the best-suited tiles for the job at hand.

Tiles combine fashion and style with toughness, practicality and ease of maintenance. 21st century materials technology and computer-aided design have only added to their versatility and made it easier to find the perfect tile for your needs.

Some are optimised for underfloor heating; some are especially suited towards keeping wood, plaster and even concrete protected from the elements; some are designed to give a feeling of wide open space, while others can give a feeling of cosiness. All can be adapted to serve as an extension of your own personality and sense of style, and you don’t have to be a king, a queen, an emperor or a pharaoh to make a bold statement which will last for generations.


Among the Tile Design family of brands are:

Ape: An enormously popular and very comprehensive range of fashionable, striking designs featuring classic and vibrant colours in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures.

Carmen Ceramics: Italian masters renowned for their contemporary graphite shades, elegant neutrals and creative art tiles. Carmen offers a range of tiles that can make a real feature of a room.

Artisan: Stone and concrete tiles in large sizes; perfect for the modern, minimalist look.

tiles3Elios Ceramics: Founded in 1968, Italy’s Elios are admired worldwide for their dynamism and creativity, providing a deluxe look with artisan wall and floor tiles.

Original Style: Specialists in feature tiles that can be used anywhere for a unique look, from mosaics made with mixed materials to reflective glass and mirrored tiles – the translucent beauty of many of these designs will look fantastic anywhere in your home, and the subtle sheen of metal behind glass provides an ethereal option for modern-minded people.

tiles7Polis are vitrified stone and concrete effect floor tiles, with a variety of finishes and shades. They work well inside and out, and have excellent non-slip qualities. Available in slabs of porcelain stoneware, they give a beautifully clean-lined look.

We also stock a huge range of bathroom ware including sinks, cabinets, baths and toilets, and shower units from Irish design house Image, which can all be specially selected alongside your tiling options to present an aesthetically integrated, unified, 100% home-grown look highlighting Irish craftsmanship.

tiles9Porcelain Flooring

Porcelain and ceramic floors are extremely durable and solid. They’re ideal for high-use, hard-working areas such as kitchens, hallways and conservatories, as well as bathrooms and other areas where you need an easy-clean floor that can handle lots of water, grit, impact and temperature changes.

Tile Design offers marble, porcelain and ceramic flooring in a breathtaking variety of shades and textures, from minimalist to classic to avant-garde. Some designs have hardly changed since the classical civilisations of antiquity such

tiles10as the Greeks, Romans, Minoans and others capitalised on the natural beauty and durability of polished stone for their homes, public buildings and temples. Others are products of the 21st century – sleek, technologically advanced, subtle, minimalist options with all the strength and durability of their thicker classic marble counterparts.